Professor Hoffman Comments on Supreme Court Decision in King v. Burwell in Al Jazeera Article

June 25, 2015 -- Professor Allison Hoffman commented on the Supreme Court decision in King v. Burwell, which upholds a key provision of the Affordable Care Act. He comments appear in an Al Jazeera article.

The decision also “secures the legitimacy” of health-care marketplaces run by the federal government, said Allison Hoffman, a professor of health care law and policy at the University of California, Los Angeles. In the months leading up to the decision, some states had begun to move away from such set-ups: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Arkansas had all asked for and received approval to take over the exchanges that the federal government had been running for them. But now, said Hoffman, some states will take the opposite approach, and abandon their own exchanges for a federally run option.

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