Students in Youth & Justice Clinic Produce Short Film on Juvenile Incarceration

July 2, 2015 -- J.W. Lafferty '15 and Bonnie Wheeler '16, students who participated in UCLA Law's Youth & Justice Clinic, have produced a short film on the current issues surrounding juvenile prison/confinement in California. The film, "Other People's Children," provides statistics about the youth who are confined in California and features interviews with subjects who have unique perspectives on juvenile incarceration, including: Judge Donna Groman, the supervising judge of the Juvenile Delinquency Court (Edelman Children's Court; Compton Juvenile Court); Nell Bernstein, the author of Burning Down the House, The End of Juvenile Prison; and Jimmy Wu, the case manager at Inside Out Writers, who was incarcerated from ages 16 to 29.

The goal of the film is to raise awareness about the current circumstances, emphasizing lack of alternatives, surrounding the delinquency system and the need for systemic change.

View the video.