Professor Eugene Volokh's Law Blog Cited in NBC Report

August 27, 2015 - Professor Eugene Volokh, who anchors a blog for The Washington Post known as The Volokh Conspiracy, can count former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey among his readers.  What the blog had to say recently influenced Mukasey's mind, enough to change the former Attorney General's thinking on at least one political statement he had made.       

When Mukasey suggested that if Hillary Clinton was ever convicted of destroying government records by erasing the contents of her e-mail server, she would be legally unqualified for the presidency, Seth Barrett Tillman, a former teacher at Rutgers Law School, now at Maynooth University in Ireland, took issue with the comment and wrote an analysis, citing a recent court opinion. Tillman's objection was covered by The Volokh Conspiracy, and soon after, Volokh received an e-mail from Mukasey that said, "On reflection ... Professor Tillman's (analysis) is spot on, and mine was mistaken."

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