Professor Volokh Quoted in Columbia Journalism Review on Inglewood Copyright Lawsuit

August 31, 1015 - Professor Eugene Volokh was quoted in a recent Columbia Journalism Review article when he commented on a copyright infringement case filed by the City of Inglewood against Joseph Teixeira, an Inglewood, California resident who operates a government watchdog group critical of the mayor and other officials.  The City sued Teixeira for copyright infringement after he posted to YouTube recordings of city council meetings, and prohibited him from photographing a public record. A federal judge and a public-records office both rejected the City government’s rationale in each case.

Said Volokh:  "It refers to some of the city’s arguments as “plainly wrong” and “plainly incorrect,” for instance, and says Teixeira’s activities “plainly fall within the protections of fair use” and are “clearly protected by the fair use doctrine”—not harsh rhetoric by the standards of comment threads, to be sure, but in a court opinion this is a marker that the city’s arguments were seen as not just mistaken but also pretty obviously wrong."

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