Professor Winkler Comments on Gavin Newsom’s Sweeping Gun-Control Ballot Measure in San Jose Mercury News and KSRO-AM

October 16, 2015 -- Professor Adam Winkler commented on Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s proposal to put a tough firearms-control measure on California's ballot next year aimed at requiring background checks for ammunition purchases and forcing gun owners to give up large-capacity magazines in the San Jose Mercury News and KSRO-AM.

"The large-capacity magazine ban is going to stimulate a lot of opposition; that's going to hit a lot of ordinary gun owners where it hurts -- including some who might be open-minded to other kinds of gun control,” said Professor Winkler. "It plays into the hands of gun-rights proponents who are always warning that the government is going to come take your guns.” 


Professor Winkler also discussed the proposed measure in an interview on KSRO Radio’s “Morning News.”  He said the most controversial aspect of the measure is a proposed ban on possession of high capacity magazines, which are standard issue on most guns.