Professor Adam Winkler Interviewed by Crime Watch Daily on Case of Gun Store Owner Found Negligent for Selling Handgun Used to Shoot Two Milwaukee Police Officers

December 11, 2015 – Professor Adam Winkler was interviewed by Crime Watch Daily about a court case involving Badger Guns, Inc., a Milwaukee-area gun shop that sold a handgun to a “straw buyer” – someone who purchases a gun for someone else – and which was later used by a teenager to shoot two police officers. The police officers filed a lawsuit against the owner of Badger Guns, who was found ‘‘negligent” by a jury and ordered to pay nearly $6 million in damages to the officers. 

 “This was a surprising verdict,” said Professor Winkler. “For years, gun dealers have been challenged in court when their guns end up in the hands of criminals, and these lawsuits almost never succeed.”

Watch the video.