Professor Winkler Quoted in New York Times on SCOTUS Decision to Not Hear an Appeal on Assault Weapons Ban

December 8, 2015—Professor Adam Winkler was quoted in the New York Times, as well as the Los Angeles Times, and a number of other outlets, on how the Supreme Court gave an apparent green light to lawmakers who want to restrict the sale of guns such as the rapid-fire weapons that have been used in the recent wave of mass shootings from Paris to San Bernardino. The court's decision was not a formal ruling -- the justices simply decided not to consider an appeal by gun-rights advocates. But it strongly suggests the majority of the court does not see the 2nd Amendment as protecting a right to own or carry powerful weapons in public.

“The justices don’t reveal their reasons for denying review, but one thing is clear,” said Professor Winkler. “The justices certainly aren’t eager to take up a Second Amendment case these days.”

“One has to wonder,” he said, “if the Supreme Court is having second thoughts about the Second Amendment.”

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