Professor Volokh’s Blog Post on Proposed “Anti-Doxxing” Bill Quoted by The Register

February 10, 2016—Professor Eugene Volokh’s blog post on Utah’s proposed “anti-doxxing” bill was quoted by The Register and the Salt Lake Tribune. The bill, floated by state representative David Lifferth, would bring penalties for obtaining and disclosing information for the purpose of harassment, or "doxxing" – up to a third-degree felony, carrying a maximum of five years in prison.

Professor Volokh questioned the constitutionality of the proposed law. "The list isn't limited to material that is solely or chiefly usable 'to access a person's financial resources' – names and places of employment are also usable for many other purposes," Volokh argued. "Again, if the bill were limited to Social Security numbers and perhaps a few other items, it might be constitutional, but it is much broader than that."