Professor Eichensehr Talks to USA Today on How Apple Could See Consumer Fallout Now That FBI Hacked into Terrorist’s iPhone

March 29, 2016 – Visiting Professor Kristen Eichensehr spoke to USA Today on how Apple may face fallout from consumers now that the FBI successfully hacked into an iPhone used by a San Bernardino terrorist.  The federal government subsequently dropped its case against the technology giant for refusing to assist in its investigation.   

The case's outcome “gets Apple out of the problem of being compelled to assist the government, but it creates a new problem of widespread knowledge that there’s a way of both the government and at least one third party to access an iPhone running the most recent version of the operating system,” said Professor Eichensehr. 

Professor Eichensehr was also quoted in another USA Today article about what may happen to other locked devices seized by state and local authorities looking to uncover evidence in other investigations.   

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