Professor Volokh Cited in ABA Journal About Michigan Court of Appeals Upholding First Amendment in Twitter Libel Case

May 25, 2016—An op-ed authored by Professor Eugene Volokh was cited by the American Bar Association Journal in an article addressing a decision by Michigan’s First Court of Appeals to uphold the First Amendment in what is being referred to as the “badass lawyer” Twitter libel case. The case in question concerns a parody twitter account created by a student at Central Michigan University where Michigan lawyer Todd Levitt was an adjunct professor. Levitt alleged that the defendant’s parody tweets attacked his credibility as a professor and a lawyer.  Professor Volokh addressed the case in an op-ed he wrote for The Washington Post

“I’m delighted to report that the Michigan Court of Appeals has just upheld a Twitter parodist’s First Amendment claim in the “badass lawyer” case, Levitt v. Felton,” wrote Professor Volokh.


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