Professor Winkler Talks to Salon on Creating a “No-Buy” List to Restrict Gun Ownership

June 20, 2016 – Professor Adam Winkler was featured in a one-on-one interview with Salon about his proposed “no-buy” list to restrict gun ownership on a case-by-case basis, which he addressed recently in an op-ed for the New York Times.   

“The American answer to worries about governmental abuse is checks and balances. We do not concentrate power in any one branch of government,” Professor Winkler told Salon. “Proposals for a no-buy list that give unfettered discretion to the executive branch to decide who is a suspected terrorist are wrongheaded; my proposal, by contrast, involves using the FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) court to approve the inclusion of anyone on the no-buy list. And individuals should be able to challenge the FISA court’s judgment in an ordinary, open court procedure.”

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