Professor Motomura Interviewed on KPCC on Donald Trump’s Proposed ‘Extreme Vetting’ of Immigrants

August 16, 2016 -- Professor Hiroshi Motomura was interviewed on KPCC’s “Take Two” on presidential candidate Donald Trump’s proposed “extreme vetting” of immigrants, a strategy intended to combat terrorism in the U.S. 

A screening test for potential immigrants goes back decades to when the U.S. sought to exclude people associated with anarchism or communism, said Professor Motomura.  But there’s an important difference to Trump’s proposal, one that could lead to “unintended consequences.” 

"The difficulty is once you go beyond these organizational affiliations and past acts that people have committed, then you're really trying to read the minds of people as to what they may want to do in the future and that leads to a lot of questions as to exactly how that would be implemented," he said.

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