Dean Mnookin Cited in the Daily Journal on ABA’s Decision to Allow Law Schools to Accept Other Entrance Exams During the Admissions Process

October 25, 2016—Dean Jennifer Mnookin was cited in an article for the Daily Journal on the decision made by the American Bar Association to continue allowing law schools to consider entrance exams other than the LSAT when reviewing a student’s application. Debate regarding the validity of other standardized exams has intensified after the University of Arizona announced that it would accept the GRE as an entrance exam into their law school.

Dean Mnookin agrees with the ABA’s decision and says, “At the end of the day, we are looking for ways to get information about who will make for a strong law school candidate and an excellent lawyer.” Mnookin also stated, “Theyre is no reason for a particular test to have a monopoly if other ways to gain that information might be valuable.”

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