Professor Crenshaw Awarded Gittler Prize Celebrating Social Justice

October 28, 2016— Distinguished Professor of Law Kimberlé Crenshaw has been awarded the Joseph B. and Toby Gittler Prize for 2016 - 17, which recognizes outstanding and lasting scholarly contributions to racial, ethnic and/or religious relations. Professor Crenshaw, a leader in the intellectual movement known as Critical Race Theory whose primary scholarly interests center on race and the law, will be honored for her commitment to the cause of justice. The award will be presented at a ceremony that will include a reception and a public lecture by the recipient on the Brandeis University campus in Waltham, Mass.

Internationally recognized for her work in civil rights law and critical race theory, Professor Crenshaw is cofounder of the African American Policy Forum (AAPF), a nonprofit think tank that builds bridges between scholarly research and public discourse by addressing inequality, discrimination and injustice. 

Professor Crenshaw’s contribution to legal scholarship has changed the landscape of law school curriculum for the better. For the past 20 years her contributions to the field have shaped debates, research, and policies that challenge structural inequality, domination and oppression. 

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