UCLA School of Law Announces Two New Full Scholarship Programs

UCLA School of Law has announced the creation of two new scholarship programs, both of which will provide full tuition to recipients for the duration of their legal education.

Both programs are available for students applying now for the fall semester of 2017. The UCLA Law Distinguished Scholarships will be awarded to students with exceptional academic records who make a binding commitment to UCLA Law through an early-decision application process, with a January 1 application deadline. The UCLA Achievement Fellowships, which do not require an advance binding commitment, are open to talented, high-achieving students who have overcome significant hurdles such as disabilities, socio-economic hardship or educational disadvantages, or those who are the first in their families to pursue a graduate or professional degree. The application deadline for this program is February 1.

"At UCLA Law we are committed to excellence and access, and we strongly believe those two go together," said Dean Jennifer L. Mnookin. "While our applicant pool is already outstanding, we are hopeful that these programs will attract additional fabulous and talented students who will participate in our innovative programs, learn from our world-class faculty, contribute to the intellectual life of the school and become leaders in the legal community."

At their inception, these programs are being funded by the school, the university and private donors.

Applicants interested in either program should visit the UCLA School of Law Admissions website for more information.

Robert Schwartz, UCLA Law’s Assistant Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, said, "At UCLA Law, we are here to educate students who are passionate about becoming great lawyers and leaders. These full-scholarship programs demonstrate UCLA Law’s commitment to giving qualified students the opportunity of a lifetime."