Professor Winkler Quoted in Los Angeles Times on Lack of NRA Presence In California Gun Control Ballot Measure

October 10, 2016—Professor Adam Winkler was quoted in the Los Angeles Times on how the National Rifle Association (NRA) has poured $4 million into fighting a Nevada initiative that would require background checks for firearms buyers but just $145,000 into battling a gun control measure in California. The biggest factor in the NRA’s token involvement in California may be the fact that key provisions of the initiative that are objectionable to gun owners were already put into law this summer.

“I think the issues in Newsom’s (California’s current Lt. Governor) initiative would have been big issues to the NRA had they not already been enacted,” Professor Winkler said.  “When he runs for governor, he will be able to demonize the NRA. California voters know who the NRA is, and they know what the NRA stands for.”

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