New Book: "Prosecutors and Democracy: A Cross-National Study"

20171201 Prosecutors and Democracy

Addressing key questions about the role prosecutors should and do play in contributing to democracy, in October 2017 Cambridge University Press published "Prosecutors and Democracy: A Cross-National Study," co-edited by UCLA Law Professor Máximo Langer and Stanford University School of Law Professor David Alan Sklansky. In the compendium, distinguished international scholars draw on experiences from the United States, the UK and continental Europe to discuss the ways prosecutors strengthen democracy, undermine it, and why it has proven so challenging to hold prosecutors accountable for shortcomings in the criminal justice system while insulating them from the politics of the day.

The chapters are in conversation with each other, encouraging comparison and analysis, making the book even more valuable to legal scholars, advocates for reform, philosophers and social scientists.

Langer is a professor of law, the director of the UCLA Transnational Program on Criminal Justice and the faculty director of the Criminal Justice Program at UCLA Law. Sklansky is the Stanley Morrison Professor of Law and faculty co- director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.