By and large, the PBLJ recruits its board and the majority of its associate editors during the Spring write-on process.

However, we are always open to new Articles and Managing Editors who possess strong writing skills, attention to detail, and work ethic. If you feel you fit these criteria, please email us at with the following information: (1) the position you are interested in; (2) a very short statement of interest; and (3) your resume.

Why would I want to be an editor?​​​​
Employers expect and look kindly upon students who are involved with law journals, since journal membership demonstrates legal writing and editing skills. It is also a great tradition of law schools that law students participate in law journals and help ensure that their school is able to actively publish about relevant legal issues.

Specifically, the PBLJ provides a great opportunity for students to use their experience with and pursue their interest in issues concerning the Pacific Rim, which span broadly from economics and intellectual property to human rights and the environment. Additionally, there will be opportunities to meet and work with other students and to interact with legal scholars.

What do the editors do?
Editors play an integral and essential role in selecting, editing, and publishing issues of the PBLJ bi-annually. Editors are divided into above-the-line and below-the-line teams, and within each team, editors are given a specific assignment. We also hold cite check sessions each semester for our managing and staff editors.

What's the time commitment?
Although we expect the given assignments to be completed on time, the PBLJ does not demand a huge amount time. Responsibilities are varied depending on one's position, but associate editors should expect the least amount time commitment.