Labor and Economic Justice Clinic

The Labor & Economic Justice Clinic (LEJC) works in partnership with UNITE HERE Local 11, a Los Angeles-based hotel workers union that engages in innovative labor campaigns. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct worker interviews, factual investigations and legal research, and work with administrative agencies. Projects may also arise involving discrimination, immigration, and health and safety. Participants must attend the clinic training, where they will sign up for one week to be on call to help with ongoing legal tasks. 1Ls can volunteer to assist with interviews, research assignments, and/or legal observing. 2Ls can apply for a part-time externship (5-15 hour/week) and receive academic credit. Participants will be expected to participate twice.

Clinic Chairs
Jordan Palmer:
Matt Erle:
Alexis Ixtlahuac: 

Confidentiality Notice: Confidential information received via email is not subject to lawyer-client confidentiality.