LetsGo! Liberation

LGL is a pioneering effort to empower low-income intersex, transgender, and gender non-conforming people. Our clinic collaborates with LGBTQ-focused organizations to assist individuals in obtaining legal name and gender marker changes to better conform to their gender identity. In our training sessions, we will learn about the unique legal challenges facing the transgender community, including issues of immigration, criminal law, and domestic violence. At least once per semester, we will collaborate with the L.A. LGBT Center in West Hollywood to host a pro bono legal name and gender chance clinic, where volunteers will assist with client intake, filling out court forms, and providing information on what clients might expect from the legal name and gender change process. The clinic will also connect members with other opportunities to volunteer at LGBTQ legal aid organizations. The founding of LGL was inspired by the principles of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. We recognize that the activist efforts of trans people were historically, and should continue to be, central to the LGBTQ rights movement. Above all, our volunteers will gain insight into how legal aid can support the ongoing community-building work of queer and trans organizers throughout the Los Angeles area. There will also be opportunities to speak Spanish, and possibly other languages as needed. Each volunteer will be expected to attend one training and one clinic per semester.

Clinic Chairs
AK Shee: shee2021@lawnet.ucla.edu
Tiffany Sarchet: sarchet2021@lawnet.ucla.edu
Katharine Norris: norrisk2021@lawnet.ucla.edu

Confidentiality Notice: Confidential information received via email is not subject to lawyer-client confidentiality.