Teen Court Clinic

Teen Court is an outreach of the Los Angeles County Superior Court wherein young people who are suspected of non-serious crimes have the opportunity to avoid unnecessary involvement in the Juvenile Court and instead be questioned, judged and sentenced by a jury of their peers. Court is presided over by a real LA Superior Court judge, and jurors are selected from the host high school's student body. The young person who is found guilty then has the opportunity, upon successful completion of his or her probation, to have no record of a criminal conviction. UCLA Law student volunteers help the jurors in questioning the defendant, finding a guilty or not guilty verdict and, if found guilty, deciding appropriate sanctions. UCLA Law supports Teen Court at Venice High School on the second Tuesday of each month from 3:00 pm to 5:30 pm. Volunteers are expected to attend at least one court session per semester.

Clinic Chairs
Cassie Zanone: zanone2019@lawnet.ucla.edu
Margret Flodee: flodeen2019@lawnet.ucla.edu
Mathieu Wiener: wiener2020@lawnet.ucla.edu