ELS hosts a wide variety of events from speakers to field trips and conferences. Below is a sampling of past and annual ELS events.

Annual Competitions, Conferences, and Symposiums

  • California State Bar Environmental Law Conference, Yosemite (​Oct.)
  • Pace Environmental Moot Court Competition (Jan.)
  • Public Interest Environmental Law Conference (Feb.)​​
  • State Bar Environmental Negotiations Competition (Mar.)
  • LACBA Environmental Law Section Events

Speakers and Panels

  • Career Paths in Environmental Law
  • AB-52 and its CEQA Impact Panel featuring Laura Miranda, Deputy General Counsel, Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians, Vice-Chair California State Native American Heritage Commission; William Wood, Visiting Professor, UCLA School of Law and Southwestern Law School; Jason Weiner, General Counsel and Water Initiative Director, Wishtoyo Foundation and its Ventura Coastkeeper Program
  • Lunch with Angela Mo, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline: A Continuing Battle
  • A Frank Conversation on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Environmental Law
  • The Proposed Border Wall and Its Impact on Border Communities, the Environment, and Native American Land
  • Environmental Law and Policy Under the Trump Administration
  • A Los Angeles Story: Youth of Color Versus Big Oil
  • Climate Change, Drought, and Future of California's Water Supply
  • The Volkswagen Diesel Emissions Debacle: Consumer, Business, and Enforcement Implications
  • The Paris Climate Agreement: Challenges for Decarbonization in the World-Leading Economies
  • Environmental Impacts of International Trade (Trans-Pacific Partnership)
  • The Next Refugee Crisis? Climate Change and Sinking States
  • Solar Geoengineering: An Overview of Risks & Benefits

Field Trips and Social Events

  • Hikes
  • California Coastal Clean Up Day
  • Toxic Tour
  • Surfrider Paddle Out
  • Whale-watching trip
  • Kayaking trip
  • Tour of NRDC Santa Monica offices, award-winning LEED certified "green" building
  • Succulent Terrarium Social