Resnick Program for Food Law & Policy


For Students – Resnick Program for Food Law and Policy


The Program’s educational component features high-caliber classes, conferences, workshops, and experiential learning. Students enjoy working with Program faculty and fellows on various research projects and publications. New student opportunities to immerse in food law will include experiential learning through the launch of a Food Law and Policy Clinic for spring 2017 and interdisciplinary exchange through the launch of the new UCLA Graduate Food Studies Certificate Program.

Course Offerings: Fall 2016

  • Law 440: Introduction to Food Law and Policy, taught by Executive Director Michael T. Roberts, focuses on how food law as a response to the modern food system has adapted and developed into a distinctive area of law.
  • Law 155: Intro to Lawyer-Client Relations -- TBD
  • URBAN PL 216, the core course for the Graduate Food Studies Certificate Program, is co-taught by Executive Director Michael T. Roberts. Course flyer

Course Offerings: J-term

  • Law 960: Rights to Food and Global Food Justice is a new course offered during J-term 2017 by Resnick’s Global Distinguished Fellow and UN Special Rapporteur for Right to Food, Hilal Elver.

Course Offerings: Spring 2017

  • Law 165 Modes: Historical Reflections on the Regulation of Food is a class offered to first-year law students that explores the history of regulating food, taught by Executive Director Michael T. Roberts.

Food Law and Policy Clinic (TBA)