Food Law: Cases and Materials (Wolters Kluwer 2019)

January 1, 2019
Jacob E. Gersen, Margot J. Pollans, Michael T. Roberts

January 2019

This casebook, as with other law casebooks, will be used as the primary text in a law class and also as an important reference book for lawyers, scholars, and courts. The casebook contains excerpts from law review articles and legal treatises and includes tables of cases, regulatory materials, and secondary sources. The chapters in the casebook feature an introduction presenting the principles and institutions of food law, constitutional and administrative law, economic adulteration and early food law, food safety, marketing and labeling, nutrition, and international food law. Joining Michael T. Roberts as co-editors of the case book are Jacob Gersen, a law professor at Harvard Law, and a strong collaborator with the Resnick Center, and Margot Pollans, who was the first “Academic Fellow” for the Resnick Center and is now a law professor Pace University Law School. Major portions of the casebook were patterned after the treatise, Food Law in the United States, authored by Michael Roberts in 2016.

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