Undocumented Student Resources

Welcome, Dreamers!

UCLA Law is proud to support its undocumented law students as they pursue their passion for justice and careers in the legal profession.

UCLA Law is committed to working with students, families, community organizations, and other partners to create opportunities by providing financial support, programs and guidance for students regardless of immigration status. UCLA Law, and the entire University of California community, strives to assist these students in navigating the financial, legal, academic and personal issues that can impact their success.

The following information and resources are available to members of our community seeking help relating to their immigration status:


Did you know?

  • Thanks to our alumni and other donors, UCLA Law has tuition scholarships available for students regardless of their immigration status.
  • California law authorizes the State Bar of California to issue a license to practice law to an otherwise eligible applicant, even if that person is not lawfully in the United States.
  • In New York, an otherwise eligible applicant to practice law in New York cannot be denied due to immigration status.


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