Post-Graduate Outcomes

From career counseling and job placement to support for judicial clerkships and public interest work, UCLA Law is helping grads achieve their goals.

UCLA Law's Office of Career Services and Office of Public Interest Programs work hard to ensure that graduates gain a solid foothold in the job market. From On-Campus Interviews to career fairs to special panels with alumni on topics such as working on the East Coast or careers in national security, the school provides many opportunities for graduates to launch their careers successfully. The school offers generous stipends and a loan repayment program for those pursuing careers in public interest law, and its judicial clerkship programs open doors to positions in state and federal courts.

Employment Statistics

Employment and salary information is taken from a variety of sources including student self-reporting, alumni surveys, employer information, published salary data and electronic resources. All salary statistics are based on full-time, long-term positions only. Salary data are not published when there are less than five salaries reported. Categories in the salary statistics chart are based on National Association for Law Placement definitions, which include placing public defenders in the public interest category rather than in the government category.

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