UCLA LL.M. Interview Program

Find global talent right here in Los Angeles.

Inaugurated in 2007, the UCLA LL.M. Interview Program is a recruitment venue for employers interested in enlisting exceptional legal talent from around the world. UCLA School of Law organizes and hosts this annual event, and a consortium of 13 high-caliber U.S. law schools participates in the program. Interested employers have the opportunity to preselect LL.M. candidates for interviews from a collective pool of accomplished internationally or domestically trained lawyers enrolled in an LL.M. program at a participating school. The 2022 UCLA LL.M. Interview Program will take place on February 25th, 2022, using a virtual platform. Resume books are also available for employers who wish to interview candidates at another time. Please contact program coordinator Andrea Monos (monos@law.ucla.edu) for more information about the program.

Public Interest

Public Interest Grads Make a Mark With Skadden Fellowships

With nearly three dozen winners of what is among the most prestigious awards in public interest law, UCLA Law primes students for impact in America’s neediest communities.

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