Practicum Courses

In UCLA Law’s practicum courses, students learn a discrete area of law from expert faculty and deepen their learning through engagement in practical fieldwork. Practicums integrate common field placements at non-profit organizations or government agencies, where students apply what they learn in the classroom to real legal challenges.

Practicum Courses

Bail Reform Practicum

Students examine the role of bail in the criminal legal system through an in-depth exploration of the history of bail and its relationship to mass incarceration, current bail practices, the collateral consequences that flow from pre-trial detention, and community responses to bail practices. Students will participate in field placements at the Los Angeles County Public Defender’s Office and will have the opportunity to work with an assigned public defender supervisor on at least one bail hearing.

California Unfair Competition Law Practicum

Students gain an in-depth understanding of California unfair competition law and, under the guidance of counsel from the Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office, develop proposals for potential impact cases to be litigated by the office.

Law, Organizing, & Low-Wage Workers Practicum

Students develop a theoretical and practical understanding of the labor movement and learn the various elements of a successful organizing drive. In partnership with UNITE HERE Local 11, students will gain experience in working as community lawyers in the labor movement, and in using the law creatively to organize and represent low-wage workers.

Voting Rights Practicum

Students learn, from start to finish, how to bring voting rights lawsuits in state and federal court. In partnership with UCLA’s Voting Rights Project, students will investigate cities, counties, school districts, and other political subdivisions within the western United States that may be candidates for voting rights advocacy and litigation. Working on interdisciplinary teams and supervised by voting rights experts, students will learn every aspect of a voting rights suit.

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