Resnick Program Conference Reflection Papers

Food Fight: An Examination of Recent Trends in Food Litigation and Where We Go From Here

April 3, 2015
Michael Roberts, Kim Kessler, Sean Hecht, Diana Winters, Samuel Wiseman, Denis Stearns

Food and Drug Policy Forum, Volume 5, Issue 3 | April 3, 2015

In late 2013 we set about planning our first major conference as the newly established Resnick Program in Food Law and Policy at UCLA Law School. Despite the expansive range of topics encompassed by food
law and policy, there was a clear and obvious subject choice: food litigation. The growth in food litigation in recent years is striking and has significantly and distinctively helped shape the emerging field of food law.

Numerous major law conferences across the country in recent years have addressed food litigation, though until now no law school has hosted a conference on this topic. From the outset, the aim for our conference was to take a step back from the tactical aspects of the cases and to consider broader questions about the implications of food litigation through an academic lens.

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