Clinical Program Staff

  • Sue Gillig
    Sue Gillig
    Interim Assistant Dean for Clinical Education,
    Experiential Learning and Public Service
    (310) 794-5355
  • babbed
    David Babbe
    Director of Skills Competition
    Adjunct Faculty
    (310) 206-1339
  • fontenotj
    Jeanne Fontenot
    Clinical Program Manager
    (310) 825-1097
  • roses
    Summer Rose
    Program Representative
    (310) 206-1193
    Hours: Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays

Externship Program


  • meadl
    Lisa Mead
    Director of Extern and Field Placement Programs
    (310) 206-4945
    Hours: Counseling by appointment (through Externship Manager)
  • Sombra Libertad Ruiz
    Sombra Libertad Ruiz
    Manager of Extern Programs
    (310) 825-3468
  • lehtmann
    Nicole Lehtman
    Director, UCDC Law Program