LAW 308

Animals and the Law

The field of animal law has grown tremendously in the past decade. There is substantial litigation and reform legislation designed to help animals we currently exploit for food, entertainment, and research. There is also considerable legal activism on behalf of companion animals. This introduction to the field covers such topics as standing to sue on behalf of animals, different theoretical perspectives that guide decisions about when and whom to sue on behalf of animals, and problems of pursuing legislative reform. The course is intended as a basic survey of legal challenges in the field, but students will also be given the opportunity to focus on specific types of animals or challenges in animal law through their work on the paper required for this class. A short oral presentation on the paper is required, and there may be other required short class presentations, such as reporting on a newsworthy event in animal law. The grade for this class is based on the paper, oral presentations, the exam, and class attendance/participation.  Students who have taken Law 165 Animal Law through Scholarship or Law 635 Topics in Animal Law may not enroll in this class.  

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