LAW 204

Arbitration Law

Trial Advocacy

Arbitration has become an important aspect of legal practice in such disparate fields as securities regulation, commercial law, employment law, family law, labor law, medical malpractice, construction law, insurance and international private law.  Although arbitration is the product of an agreement between two contracting parties, arbitration is framed by complex set of legal rules that define its use.  The Federal Arbitration Act and other laws determine when arbitration agreements can be enforced, which types of defenses can be raised to them, what types of remedies an arbitrator can award and how much judicial review a party can obtain.  This course presents a comprehensive treatment of the legal issues involved in the use of arbitration, both private and court-ordered.  It will give the student a thorough understanding of arbitration law, and provide a solid foundation for legal practice whether in alternative dispute resolution tribunals or in the civil justice system.

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