LAW 452

Class Actions in Practice

Business & Tax Law, Public Interest Law

This course is designed for students interested in learning about the fundamentals of litigating class actions, and learning the practical “real world” steps for doing so successfully.  The course will challenge students to synthesize complex legal and factual materials, develop analytical skills, and keep pace with the ever-evolving body of law covering class actions. Over the course of the semester, we will take a deep dive into key moments in the life cycle of a class action, evaluating the challenges and opportunities for plaintiffs and defendants as well as identifying common pitfalls. We will also evaluate the process of resolving class members’ claims, and the procedural and legal complexities involved in that process.

Through a combination of lectures, discussions, and guest speaker panels students will learn to think strategically, understand the competing goals and interests of each side, and gain an understanding of how to litigate a class action from both sides of the “v.”  Moreover, the course will involve assignments mimicking real-life litigation, developing students’ advocacy skills.

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