LAW 611A/B

Climate Change and Energy Law

Environmental Law

The course will enroll up to 16 students, from law and other graduate programs, who will each week read the work of a scholar who will present a paper on the topic of either climate change and/or energy law. Tentatively there will be 11-12 speakers. Each week one or two students will introduce the paper and provide commentary on it before opening up the session to questions from the audience. Speakers may cover issues relevant to: efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by the international community; efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions domestically; efforts to adapt to climate change; and energy law. Speakers will include legal scholars and professors from a variety of law schools. Students will be expected to write reaction papers and/or discussion questions for each of the papers during the semester and their grades will be based on those papers. The reaction papers will be provided to the author before class discussion. 

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