LAW 619

Environmental Justice Law

Environmental Law, Public Interest Law

This course will cover the development, theories, and practice of environmental justice law, specifically analyzing the legal and policy tools used by advocates to advance environmental justice. The course will begin by looking at the history and foundational concepts of environmental justice. We will then explore litigation tools and current litigation strategies used in environmental justice cases. Throughout the semester, student assignments are designed to deepen their grasp of environmental justice, hone their legal skills, and advance their understanding of the real-world practice of environmental justice law.Key topics to be covered are: the intersection between race and the environment, and class and the environment; the relationship between traditional environmental movements and environmental justice movements; the relationship between science and policy; current litigation strategies and environmental justice policies; the use of natural resource law in environmental justice cases; and, the use of civil rights law for environmental justice concerns. Focus is on U.S. and California law.

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