LAW 871A/B

Externship: UCLA Law in the Hague

Are you interested in human rights and the practice of international courts and organisations?  Do you like the idea of spending a semester in the Hague, the Netherlands? If the answer to these questions is Yes then consider applying for UCLA Law in The Hague! 
You will be supported to secure a full-time, semester-long (15 weeks) externship at an international organisation in The Hague, while simultaneously completing a 2-credit course taught by Professor Mackintosh. Externship opportunities include the International Court of Justice, the International Development Law Organisation, the Kosovo Specialist Chambers and Prosecutor’s Office, the UN Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals, and more. Students accepted to the program must be fully prepared to travel to and live in the Hague for a semester: once you have been accepted, you cannot drop the course unless a true emergency exists. 
Your stay in Europe includes a fully-funded field trip to Geneva, Switzerland, to observe the United Nations in action and meet with a range of legal practitioners for behind-the-scenes stories of working in international law.

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