LAW 508

Food Law and Policy

Public Interest Law

UCLA School of Law has established the Resnick Center for Food Law and Policy, which has emerged as a thought leader in this evolving field. The Resnick Center recognizes the critical role of food law and policy in a modern food system different from anything the world has ever experienced. This modern food system – from the farm to the fork – has given rise to profound health, equity, social, environmental, and cultural consequences. This food law seminar will introduce how law has responded to the modern food system by examining issues involving food security, social justice, sustainability, culture, food safety, food marketing, nutrition, fraud, and trade. We will address food system issues, ranging from global to national to local concerns. This class is genuinely multi-doctrinal. Students of any background or interest - international law, public interest, environmental law, health law, animal law, etc. - are welcome. The only qualification for this class is to eat food and consume beverages. Students will engage in lively discussion on various issues and examine the legal and policy tools used in response. In a final paper or project, students will explore a particular food law and policy issue of interest. Students will be provided with specific topics relevant to the current work of the Resnick Center that they can choose for their paper or project. Following consultation with the instructor, students may choose their topic for the paper or project.

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