LAW 512A/B

Health Law Scholarship Workshop

Health Law

Health and health care are at the center of many of the most important and controversial policy issues in the U.S.  This colloquium provides participants with an opportunity to learn about cutting-edge research in law and policy as they apply to health care, public health, and biotechnology.  It is designed to teach students to be critical readers, to engage in constructive and serious intellectual dialogue, and to explore how scholarly ideas translate into legal and policy practice.About half of the workshop sessions will feature presentations from leading scholars, followed by a discussion of the presented papers.  When the subject of the scholarship touches on an applied issue in health law or policy engagement or is interdisciplinary, practitioners or researchers from other disciplines may attend the sessions, commenting on the scholarship and participating in discussion.  During these sessions, colloquium participants will include not only students enrolled in this course, but also faculty members and students throughout the university with an interest in health law and policy. All attendees are encouraged and welcome to participate, however enrolled students will have priority in the queue to ask questions and make comments.The remaining sessions will be for students only.  During the first session, I will provide background on the field, discuss scholarship and publishing, and teach students how to analyze papers and give productive feedback on works in progress. During the other sessions in which there is no outside speaker, we will instead meet to prepare for discussion of the papers that will be presented in the following workshops.   

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