LAW 792

Immigrant Family Legal Clinic

Immigration Law

In Fall 2020, the Immigrant Family Legal Clinic will expand and adjust its work in light of COVID19 to provide law students interested in live-client work a menu of options that include remote-only and in-person opportunities to serve immigrant families.  Our docket will continue its primary focus on serving immigrant students on the site of the Robert F. Kennedy campus of six K-12 public schools located in Koreatown.  The work involves individual representation of immigrant students and family members on immigration and employment matters, brief legal consultations on a range of additional issues, community outreach and education, and policy research and advocacy.  We hope to offer students interested in live-client work on the RFK campus opportunities to conduct client interviews, outreach presentations, and consultations in-person with social distancing measures in place.  For students interested in remote-only work, we will continue to conduct outreach and at least some clinet services via zoom, WhatsApp, and phone calls.  We will also continue to develop our online resources on key areas of interest to the school community, including workers' rights for student workers, housing, and DACA.  The extent and nature of court appearances -- in immigration and/or state court -- will depend on the policies adopted by the courts.  Students will be able to undertake individual casework even if they are not comfortable with in person court hearings.  To respond to the immediate crisis created by COVID19, the clinic may also expand its docket beyond the RFK campus to provide opportunities for remote work on bond hearings and/or workshops for asylum-seekers in Tijuana.

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