LAW 792

Immigrant Family Legal Clinic

Immigration Law, Public Interest Law

 This live-client clinic serves immigrant families on the site of the Robert F. Kennedy campus of six K-12 LAUSD public schools located in Koreatown.  The location of this clinic will give students a unique opportunity to practice community lawyering – embedded in a trusted space where students, family members, educators, and community organizations all work closely and collaboratively with law students and lawyers on site.  The clinic’s work involves individual representation of immigrant students and family members on immigration matters, brief legal consultations on a range of additional issues, community outreach and education, and policy research and advocacy.  

Through this clinic's multi-faceted approach to law practice, students will have opportunities for professional development in three areas.  First, through individual casework, they will develop traditional lawyering skills, including interviewing, counseling, and legal research and writing.  At the same time, they will gain exposure to a range of additional advocacy tools and methods related to working effectively with the vibrant organizing work underway in this community.  Finally, the school is a crucible for many issues of importance to immigrant youth and their families far beyond the campus’s boundaries, and the clinic’s work seeks to engage students in the rich opportunities for policy research and advocacy presented by its unique location.

Students may enroll in 4 or 6 units.

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