LAW 947

The Law and Your Life

Practicing law requires stamina and endurance. This course equips students with lifelong tools for meeting the mental, physical and emotional challenges of practicing law, including tools for managing stress, and identifying core values, so that they’re able to build long-term, sustainable, and satisfying careers.

Core course aspects include:
--Introduction to emotional intelligence competencies and their application to the practice of law

--Mental fitness tools for coping with stress, long hours, and difficult work situations, that the student can engage for dealing with a wide range of challenging circumstances. These include breathing techniques, meditation and resilience training.

--Identification of core values, and their relationship to satisfaction in practice. --Practices that help students maintain good mental and physical health, as well as recognize, interrupt, and combat detrimental behaviors/responses to undue stress.
Course materials and sources draw on research studies, relevant texts and popular media. Students practice the skills taught during and between classes, and apply them to daily interactions.

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