LAW 165

Law Through Scholarship

"Law Through Scholarship" is a collection of electives:  one-credit courses, offered on a pass/unsatisfactory/no credit basis. The Law Through Scholarship will be taught in small, seminar-style classes of 20 or fewer students.  There are no pre-requisites for these courses; faculty members have designed them expressly to appeal and engage our first-year class. The topics may vary from year to year, but these courses embody a variety of analytical frameworks (for instance, empirical legal studies, interdisciplinary research, and public policy or philosophical perspectives).  Each of the courses requires active participation in discussing the reading and completing short writing assignments.

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Spring 2021

LAW 165 | Spring 2021

American Legal Thought, Past and Present

Section: LEC 1
Faculty: Stuart Banner
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Federal Criminal Sentencing

Section: LEC 10
Faculty: Kerry O'Neill
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Emerging Scholarship in International Food Law

Section: LEC 11
Faculty: Michael T. Roberts
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Using Empirical Research to Inform LGBT Law and Policy

Section: LEC 12
Faculty: Christy Mallory
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Social Science and the Constitution

Section: LEC 13
Faculty: Richard H. Sander
LAW 165 | Spring 2021


Section: LEC 14
Faculty: Eugene Volokh
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

China and the Environment

Section: LEC 15
Faculty: Alex Wang
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Land Use, Planning, and Local Politics: The Past and Future of the American City

Section: LEC 16
Faculty: Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Introduction to Jewish Legal Reasoning

Section: LEC 17
Faculty: Jonathan M. Zasloff
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Constitutional Crises

Section: LEC 18
Faculty: Jon D. Michaels
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Introduction to Environmental Justice Law, Theory, Practice, and Policy

Section: LEC 19
Faculty: Sean B. Hecht
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

What is an author? Why is a monkey not one?

Section: LEC 2
Faculty: Mario Biagioli
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Methods and Theories of International and Comparative Law

Section: LEC 20
Faculty: Jessica Peake
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Legal Scholarship and the Police

Section: LEC 21
Faculty: Catherine Sweetser
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

The Commons: Before and After Property

Section: LEC 3
Faculty: Mario Biagioli
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Foundations of Energy Law and Regulation

Section: LEC 4
Faculty: William Boyd
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Critical Race Judgments: Critical Race Theory and Supreme Court Decisionmaking

Section: LEC 5
Faculty: Devon W. Carbado
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Law, Science and Inequality

Section: LEC 6
Faculty: Cheryl I. Harris
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Behavioral Law and Economics

Section: LEC 7
Faculty: Russell Korobkin
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

An Introduction to Wrongful Convictions: Causes, Cures, and Methods for Investigation

Section: LEC 8
Faculty: Jennifer L. Mnookin
LAW 165 | Spring 2021

Immigration Policy in a Contentious Age

Section: LEC 9
Faculty: Hiroshi Motomura

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