LAW 453

Lawyering in Administrative Agencies - Current Issues at the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

This course will prepare students to practice in and before administrative agencies. Administrative Law is dynamic and nuanced, with a plethora of stakeholders. This course will examine the various aspects of Administrative Law practice and the regulatory environment, including the interplay between federal agencies and the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government; and the role of other stakeholders, including entities ranging from lobbyists and the public, to state and local governments. The course will exam these issues with extended examples from the FCC. The course introduces basic concepts of administrative law within the United States and includes a brief history about the FCC and its jurisdiction. Issues raised from practicing in and before administrative agencies will be explored by examining current issues at the FCC including but not limited to the “Homework Gap” and Digital Connectivity Divide, Robocalls & Spoofing, Telehealth, recent Presidential Executive Orders, 911 Fee Diversion, Cybersecurity, the 988 initiative, and Federal Advisory Committees. Work at administrative agencies and the FCC is dynamic, so as new issues arise, they will be addressed in class.

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