LAW 571

Legal History Workshop

Students will participate along with faculty in the law school’s biweekly Legal History Workshop. Every other week we will discuss a work-in-progress presented by its author, who will be a law professor or a historian. Some of the presenters will be from UCLA and some will be from other universities. Students will write six short papers (each 3-5 pages) commenting on each of the works presented. The papers will be given to the presenters before each meeting of the workshop. Students will be expected to participate in the workshop, just like the faculty, by asking questions of the presenters and suggesting ways the presenters might improve their work. In the weeks between workshops, we’ll meet to reflect on the previous week’s presenter and prepare for the next one.Knowledge of history is not a prerequisite. All that’s required is a willingness to think critically and constructively about other people’s writing.Grading will be based 75% on the papers and 25% on class participation.

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