LAW 779

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence

Business & Tax Law

The due diligence process is an essential element of many M&A and other corporate transactions.  Prudent due diligence enables parties to a transaction to make informed decisions concerning their involvement in such transactions, including with respect to financial matters, key non-economic factors, risk allocation and post-transaction planning.  Understanding the due diligence process is also fundamental to a junior attorney’s professional growth in the context of an M&A legal practice and a thorough comprehension of the process is a necessary foundational building block of any successful transactional career.The learning curve is understandably quite steep.  Inexperienced attorneys are often relied upon to analyze large amounts of complex contractual provisions and carefully weigh other material considerations.  Such analysis may involve interpreting significant amounts of legal or other technical terminology that most have encountered infrequently. This course is designed to demystify the due diligence process and other elements of transactional law through hands-on, practical training.   

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