LAW 364

Motion Picture Distribution

Entertainment Law

This course will provide an intensive introduction to the sequential distribution of theatrical motion pictures, both domestic and international. It will focus on the business relationships the major studios have with counterparts in the theatrical, electronic sell-through, video on demand, physical home video, premium pay and free television  and the appropriate accounting treatment for these transactions. Students will follow the transactions between major studios and exhibitors, retailers or licensees through the distribution windows starting with exhibition in theaters. The class will also consider how  new technologies which distribute motion pictures, including Internet, mobile devices, etc. may change the feature business.The class carries four units of credit, but will meet once weekly for 3 hours.  Additional written exercises or quizzes may also be  required. Industry experts in motion picture accounting, distribution and financing will address the class. Enrollment limited to 12 students. Prior or contemporaneous enrollment in the specialization (Ziffren Center),  copyright/intellectual property, entertainment law courses, accounting or business law courses will be helpful. Consent of the instructor is required. An application is available from the Records Office.

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