LAW 785

Negotiation Theory and Practice

Nearly all lawyers, in both litigation and transactional practices, negotiate on a regular basis. “Introduction to Negotiation,” a 3-unit experiential course designed specifically for LL.M. students and taught in an intensive workshop format, provides a theoretical and conceptual understanding of how this critical process works and gives LL.M. students the opportunity to develop their skills through a series of simulation exercises and class discussions.  The course is designed to be equally valuable for LL.M. students who are engaged in or planning to pursue careers in transactional law (in which most projects require negotiating the terms of a deal) or in litigation (in which most disputes are resolved through negotiated settlements). LL.M. students who elect to satisfy the Skills Competency Requirement for the New York bar exam via “Pathway One” will receive enrollment priority before the first pass. The course will then be open for general enrollment by all LL.M. students during the first pass. However, LL.M. students who are taking “Negotiation Theory and Practice” (Law 972) during the J-Term may not register for “Introduction to Negotiation.”

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