LAW 972

Negotiation Theory & Practice (J-Term)

Nearly all lawyers, in both litigation and transactional practices, negotiate on a regular basis.  “Negotiation Theory and Practice,” a 3-unit experiential course taught in an intensive workshop format, provides a theoretical and conceptual understanding of how this critical process works and gives students the opportunity to develop their skills through a series of simulation exercises and class discussions.  

The course is designed to be equally valuable for students planning to pursue careers in transactional law (in which most projects require negotiating the terms of a deal) or in litigation (in which most disputes are resolved through negotiated settlements).  For students pursuing the Business Law and Policy Specialization, the course counts as a “transactional course” in the general Business Law Track.   

This course is offered over the two weeks in January (the “J-Term”). Course credits earned during the J-Term will count as spring semester units.  Please recognize that this will be a full time commitment for that two week period of time.  Each day after a 4 hour class session, you will have reading and writing assignments to complete and will have to prepare for the next day's simulations.  If you enroll in this class, you may not enroll in any other J-Term course.  The course will be limited to 96 students.  Students who register will be asked to confirm their enrollment in the course no later than December 1, 2021. No drops will be permitted after this date.  

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