LAW 561A/B

Perspectives on Law and Lawyering

These seminars are designed to give students the chance to discuss engaging texts pertaining to law, lawyering, and their emerging professional identities in a non-traditional, collegial and stimulating environment. Students and faculty in these seminars will read interesting, non-traditional (by law school standards) materials together that relate, broadly speaking, to some matters connected to law, lawyering, or professional identity.  Different seminars may take quite different foci.  Materials might include films, novels; non-fiction works about lawyers, cases, trials, methods or ideas, etc.  Each seminar will meet 5 times over the course of the academic year for approximately 2 ½ hours apiece, typically off-campus in the evenings and/or on weekends, and dinner or a light meal will be provided.  Students are expected to attend all 5 sessions, do the reading, and participate, but there will be no final exam or final paper associated with these classes.   Given the small number of sessions involved, more than one absence from the course without strong justification will be grounds for failure.  The maximum number of students in any Perspectives seminar is 12.  1 unit, P/U/NC grading.  Students may enroll in a maximum of one Perspectives seminar per year with a limit of 2 Perspectives seminars for your entire career.  Third year students receive enrollment priority during the first enrollment pass.

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