LAW 419

Real Estate Transactions

Business & Tax Law

LAW 419 is designed for aspiring lawyers who want to better understand real estate transactions from their clients' perspectives and for law students who want to gain the skills and confidence to successfully transact their own real estate investments. The course explores the fundamentals of real estate finance, investment, and development. Students will learn the qualitative concepts and the quantitative skills necessary for successful real estate transactions. The class will analyze a variety of case studies of investment and development projects from the United States, Europe, China, and Japan that highlight the opportunities, risks, challenges and solutions that were unique to each situation. We will review transaction documents from prior investments and financings to understand the risk consequences of various legal choices, and will use plug-and-play Excel models to learn how to evaluate the business aspects of the transactions. The course will consider the macroeconomic context and discuss its potential impact on your real estate finance and investment decisions.

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