LAW 490

Renewable Energy Project Finance

This course examines the key elements of renewable energy project finance and development, with a particular emphasis on the role of the lawyer in shaping how renewable energy projects are financed and built. Students will gain an understanding of the main elements of renewable energy development and project financing of renewable energy projects and how project finance differs from other types of finance. Particular attention will be given to the different types of project financing, including the specific allocations and structures of equity, tax equity, and debt financing. Students will also gain an understanding of the key contractual provisions and documents used in different project financing structures. Real-world examples from onshore wind, offshore wind, photovoltaic solar, thermal solar, and battery storage will be used throughout the class. While the course will focus primarily on projects in the U.S., it will address some of distinctive features of international projects, including the use of international development banks and partial government ownership structures.

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